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CartoHack #18 – Reactive Web Maps

Thursday, July 20th, 6pm CEST
Sebastian Meier, Potsdam University of Applied Sciences (FHP)

Zoom, Passwort:60539417

CartoHack #18

At this month’s CartoHack, we are going to take a look at reactive web apps and how to integrate maps into them. We explore the most common web-mapping frameworks (leaflet, openlayers, MapLibre/Mapbox GL, if we have enough time also deck.gl and d3). As a reactive framework we will be using Svelte, but the general concepts can easily be transfered to frameworks like React or Vue. We will look into some basics of reactive web frameworks, but this will not be an indepth introduction to these frameworks. The idea for this CartoHack originated in an exploration of which mapping framework would result in the smallst footprint.