Kommission Kartographie & Forschung

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1. Propagating and promoting the scientific positioning of Cartography and its self-conception to be the responsible discipline for the communication of spatial data

Obviously there is the antagonism that Cartography is „in“, but cartographers are “out”: On one hand, visualizations of spatial information experience an increasing acceptance and importance in daily life (keywords: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, maps and navigation systems on mobile devices). On the other hand, it has to be stated that educational programs in Cartography, in professional schools as well as in universities, gain less and less weight or integrate more and more in programs of other disciplines. Thus, there is the necessity to promote the self-conception and the value adding role of Cartography to the (expert) audience more offensive than so far.

2. Promoting the exchange over a huge bandwidth of current research topics and initializing research co-operations

Comparing the thematic foci of the Commissions of DGfK and International Cartographic Association (ICA), one finds that a couple of ongoing topics are not considered in DGfK or could not be easily integrated here. On the other hand, a survey undertaken by the new Commission shows that actually a huge bandwidth of topics is very well covered in German speaking countries. Hence, numerous people from universities, public authorities and companies embraced the installation of an explicit platform for exchange purposes which in ideal cases can also lead to fruitful co-operations. Based on such a broad and thematically not focused orientation – similar to the existing Commission on “Applied Cartography and Geovisualization” – the new working group sees itself as a cross-section Commission within DGfK. It is obvious that there are overlaps to research topics of other Commissions; this is the reason why co-operations to them will be actively searched and fostered.

3. Developing and promoting networks with other disciplines

Even though the thematic focus will be in the field of cartographic visualization, an important task of the Commission will be to develop and to promote value adding connections to other disciplines (like Psychology, Semiotics, Information visualization, Journalism, Computer Science, Geoinformatics).

4. Strengthening of international networking and improving the international visibility of Cartography in German speaking countries

In particular on the part of the International Cartographic Association (ICA) the desire was expressed that the German and German speaking Cartography becomes more visible in an international context – both, through taking over official functions within ICA, and through more frequent publications in international journals. Thus, an important goal will be the promotion of the publication activity, in international journals as well as in the German Kartographische Nachrichten in order to increase its significance.

5. Acquiring new members for DGfK

By accentuating the research component there will be a potential to acquire new members for DGfK from universities, public authorities and companies.