Kommission Kartographie & Forschung

About us


  • The compilation of a White Paper dealing with the research agenda in Cartography (embedded into the research agenda of ICA) is considered as one important activity.
  • As already pointed out, a concrete task of the Commission is the promotion of the publication activity in international journals in general, and in the Kartographische Nachrichten in particular. This can be achieved, for example, by using selected and post-processed contributions which have been presented on DGfK conferences.
  • It is planned to organize an Anglophone conference on a regular basis (of ca. two years). Here a close co-operation with other Commissions of DGfK is highly desired. One option to schedule such an event is to attach it to the German Kartographentag in order to use organizational and financial synergies. A first run could take place in Hannover in 2012.
  • Furthermore a task of the Commission will be the promotion of smaller workshops covering special topics (eventually by integrating interdisciplinary competences). In particular in the context of the International Cartographic Conference 2013 in Dresden these kinds of workshops are conceivable.
  • In addition to this also a proactive involvement in inter- or “extra”-disciplinary conferences (e.g., GIScience, COSIT, InfoVis) as well as the integration of researchers of other disciplines into the activities of the Commission are aimed for.
  • In the context of propagating and fostering the scientific positioning of Cartography and its self-conception one measure could be the involvement in the generation of a European version of the Body of Knowledge (initiated by the Association Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe, AGILE) for the field of Cartography.


With respect to topics the Commision follows a huge bandwidth which are directed by ongoig research and development fields. Thus, the following list is only a limited, and by no means weighted snap-shot which has to be up-dated on a regualr basis:

  • Cartographic theory
  • Generalization and multiple represenations
  • Geovisualization, Informations Visualization and Visual Analytics
  • Mapping based on remotely sensed data
  • Internet cartography
  • Web-based cartography
  • Maps for mobile users
  • USer and context oriented cartographic displays
  • 3D-represenations
  • Visualization and Analysis of spatio-temporal objects and processes
  • Visual perception and spatial cognition
  • Info graphics and information design
  • Maps an (very) small (and large) devices
  • Pedestria navigation
  • Mixed Reality
  • Volunteered Geographic Information and WebMapping 2.0